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2024 Danzarte COmpetition

Welcome to the registration page for 

Presented by: Tradición Dance Company & Fox Theatre Pomona

Saturday, June 10th 2023

Competition Start Time 9:00 a.m.

The competition will take place at 

Fox Theatre Pomona

301 S Garey Ave,

Pomona, CA 91768



 MAY 28th 2023


Age Categories | Age 8 & Under | Ages 9-13 | Ages 14-17 | Ages 18+

-Solos $25 | 2 Minutes

- Duets $30 | 2.5 Minutes 

-Group (Minimum 4 dancers) $50 | 3.5 Minutes

-Production (LMixed Ages Entry) $65 | 5 Minutes

Our competition is based on average ages. To figure out the correct category for your dancer(s)

Add all the dancers ages that are participating in the specific entry.

Then take that number total and divide by number of dancers.

Example: Ages 10+12+14+10= 46 then divide by 4 since there are 4 dancers ages. 46/4 =11.5 

This mean the entry would be in the category age 9-13.


- Timing begins when the music starts and ends when the music ends.

- If entries go over the time limit points will be deducted.

- Dancers may enter more than one category.

-Categories without 3 or more entries, may be canceled or merged.

- There is no limit on entries.

-Entries will not be added to the lineup until they are paid for. 

-For Solo and duet categories dancers must be cannot compete in multiple age categories.

- There are absolutely no refunds. (Unless category is cancelled)

-If your entry is not present you will be forfeited from that specific entry. 


-Registration will begin at 8 am in the theatre lobby.

-All music for entries must be emailed to by June 7th 2023.

-Include the name of your group, song, and entry on each track when emailing them.

-Please bring a backup copy of your music on a device with AUX input (NO CD's)

-All score sheets will be given to the group’s director at the end of the competition.

-The day of the competition, there will be NO changes in the line-up.

-Entry to the event for guests will be $15. Ages 3 & under are FREE

-1 director per group and dancers competing will be admitted free.

- Videotaping or taking pictures will be allowed from the back of the auditorium

- There are no refunds once payment has been rendered. 

-There will be a designated dressing area inside of the theatre for dancers to use as a dressing and holding area. 


Our Website: Pay Online Here


Cash: Drop off at our studio 237 E Second St Pomona, CA 91768


There will be a designated dressing area for dancers to use before their entry.


Dancers competing and 1 director will be given wristbands to enter the theatre. 

All other visitors must pay admission

Pre Order Tickets: $10.00 

At The Door Price $15.00

(Preorder tickets must be ordered when submitting entries in the form below)

Children under 3 are free. 


Please remember that your music must be emailed to no later than Wednesday, June 7th, 2023. All of your tracks should be labeled as follows.  




Please bring a backup audio device with an AUX plug capability.

Be present by the sound booth in case backup music is needed.



-Three judges will judge each entry, and only the 2 highest scores will be used to calculate the final score.

-The third score will be used in the case of a tie. You will receive all score sheets.

-Each category will have a 1st, 2nd and, 3rd place recognition including a trophy. 

-Each judge will judge each entry out of 100 points using the following criteria.

-You must respect the decision and scoring from judges, all scores are final! 

-Do not confront the judges about your scores or your entire group may be disqualified from all entries and competition in its entirety. If any questions arise please address it with the competition director. 

-Costumes & Music Appropriate to the region 10pts

-Presentation & Appearance 10pts

-Steps, Faldeo, Props & Movements Appropriate to the region. 10pts

-Choreography & Footwork Challenging for Age Level 10pts

-Use of Stage & Transitions in Choreography 10pts

-Dancing in Sync With The Music and As a Group 10pts

-Execution of Steps & Movements 10pts

-Presentation, Smiles, Energy, Expressions 15pts

-Overall Performance Quality 15pts

TOTAL 100pts


Our Panel of Judges 

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